This is the first data that the real estate appraisal report will carry. This section will detail the name of the client, the purpose of the valuation and regulatory adequacy.

Identification and location of the home :

Then, it is followed by the part in which the Adelaide Property Valuer to be valued is specified. For example, if the appraisal is for one or more buildings. It also details the state of the property. That is, if the construction is completed, under construction or in the project of doing so.

In this section, all the data related to the location of the Adelaide Property Valuer, the registry identification and the cadastral reference are also added.

Checks and requested documentation :

To carry out an appraisal it is necessary to present a series of verifications. That is, the physical identification, the state of occupation or exploitation, the protection regime and its adaptation to the urban law.

This section details the checks and documentation used to verify the data included in the report.

Location and surroundings of the property :

This section reflects all the basic characteristics related to the location of the Wikipedia property that influence its appraisal. We refer to the type of population, the majority occupation, the number of population and evolution, etc.

In the case of buildings, characteristics such as income level, dominant uses, infrastructure, architectural homogeneity, what type of equipment it has, etc. must also be verified. On the contrary, for farms of a rustic nature, the characteristic farms, population density, etc. must be specified.